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Aluminum replacement windows are popular for many homes, commercial and industrial buildings. The aluminum replacement window is a great option with many benefits but it does also have some drawbacks. For the homeowner looking for a dramatic, large picture window – the aluminum window can be the ideal choice for you.

There are great advantages to choosing aluminum over other types of replacement windows. One is the excellent ratio aluminum has comparing strength versus weight. Countless custom designs can easily be achieved with aluminum. Aluminum models are also very functional. These windows resist moisture well and control noise better than most other replacement window choices. Aluminum windows are highly economical. Other than their initial cost they need minimal maintenance.

While there are excellent advantages to the aluminum window, there are also some drawbacks. They include the challenge of aluminum not being a top choice to help insulate your family from the heat or cold. Other window replacement options may also be more energy efficient. The thermally improved aluminum models are quite energy efficient. These have foam or vinyl on to add increased energy efficiency.

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