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It seems that many homeowners are interested in storm windows to lower their energy bills. But these new and energy efficient options are often quite expensive. But you can find storm windows that are affordable, high quality and attractive. Storm windows and window panes come in a variety of materials such as wood and aluminum, so you can find the look you want for your budget and home.

Storm windows are an excellent investment because they can greatly lower your energy bills. Homes lose a large amount of their vaunted climate control through their windows. Older homes can give up to as much as 25% of that energy through a single-pane option. By considering replacement storm windows, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat and cold loss to elements. Some studies have found that savings up to 30% by replacing old windows with storm replacement windows. Not only do homeowners receive energy savings but they enjoy the blocking of noise and protection of their prime windows.

There are many types of storm windows for you to select from. These choices can depend on your original frames, how you plan to use these replacement windows and also your décor style. There are double hung, double pane, aluminum storm and interior storm windows. There are seven basic types of storm windows:

  • Double hung (two track)
  • Double hung (triple track)
  • Slider
  • Picture
  • Basement
  • Sidelite
  • Patio storms

You may have heard the term “double glased” or “double glazing.” “Glazing” is a specialized term. A double glazed option means that there are two panes of glass sandwiched together to create a buffer in between. This buffer can be dead air or special gas, generally argon. Argon creates a better buffer than air because it is far more effective in inhibiting the passage of heat or cold inside your home. This method creates an inter-mediated buffer zone that provides a better barrier against the cold or hot outside temperatures far better than a single paned replacement option. Double paned options used to be only used for extreme temperatures but are now used in just about any climate.

When you decide on the type of storm windows you want for your home you will want to compare the finishes and features they have. When considering your window frame finish, the mill finish is one of the most affordable choices. But you should also consider a painted finish to coordinate with the trim color to complete the look properly.

The quality of construction is important. It affects the strength and performance of the storm windows. The best place to look and evaluate the quality of the construction of your potential choice is to check that the corner joints are strong and air tight. The shows a high quality, easy installation and energy efficient replacement window. Be sure to evaluate the sash tracks and weather stripping. The top reason people consider storm windows is for their great ability to reduce air leakage and adding to their home’s energy efficiency. Check both the weather stripping and the depth of the sash tracks which are the metal grooves at the sides of the replacement window. The sash tracks and weather stripping on a replacement window are directly responsible for how well the storm windows perform.

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