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Wood replacement window frames have been popular for centuries. While there are many new choices in replacement window materials, custom wood is a top choice with traditional homeowners. Homes lose a large portion of their heating and cooling through their windows so it is critical that your wood replacement window frames are thermally nonconductive. Wood frames naturally have exceptional insulating qualities simply and look attractive. There are other great benefits for choosing wood frames:

  • Maintain the visual appeal and use modern weather stripping and hardware. This will improve the insulation and increase energy savings.
  • Most replacement window manufacturers offer pre-primed wood choices that can be painted just about any color you desire. The color of wood replacements can be changed just by adding that new coat of paint.
  • Custom wood can be used for any style of home – whether an old landmark, traditional home or a newly built home.

While wood replacement window are beautiful there are a few drawbacks. Wood does require a lifetime of maintenance to keep the paint looking fresh and to also keep rot away. Wood is natural and also is greatly affected by the elements – more so than other replacement windows. Wood can rot, shrink and swell. Moisture and sunlight can affect wood replacement windows. To maintain a good appearance your wood frames should be repainted occasionally. Wood also tends to cost more than other materials. Remember to consider the cost of maintenance when thinking of the cost of wood replacement windows. You’ll want high quality wood replacement windows that will avoid warping or twisting and have high quality locks and hardware. Look for custom wood also to get that great décor style and look you desire.

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