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Vinyl replacement windows are the ideal choice for many families for several reasons. This type of window is the most widely used in the market today because they are quite energy efficient and are very affordable. You’ll find vinyl replacement windows in a wide range of styles and they are also easy to have customized. Best of all, your vinyl replacement windows are maintenance free. Why choose vinyl replacement windows? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Saving on heating and cooling costs year-round
  • No need for painting or staining windows
  • Durable and long-lasting windows
  • Affordable and budget friendly
  • Wide range of styles to compliment your home and décor style
  • Easily customizable
  • Quick and easy installation – order today, enjoy in no time!
  • Energy Efficient

Vinyl replacement windows provide energy savings because of their moderate to high R values. These windows are resistant to heat flow. So the higher the R value, the greater the resistance and the greater the energy efficiency which means more energy savings for you (and more money in your pocket!). You’ll save money year-round on both your heating and cooling costs with vinyl replacement windows.

Enjoy Affordable and Easy Installation

Vinyl replacement windows are so popular because they are one of the least expensive choices when a homeowner is looking to replace their windows. You’ll find a wide range of prices – so every homeowner can find vinyl replacement windows for their budget. The installation process of your brand new vinyl replacement windows is quick, easy and will always reduce your overall home expenses.

Easily Customizable

Your vinyl replacement windows are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. It is easy to add vinyl replacement windows to your home for an attractive, modern and energy efficient solution – all while getting the exact type of windows you desire. Homeowners always appreciate just how vinyl windows have clean lines and are ideal for either new or older homes.

100% Maintenance Free

This window style is made of polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. So your vinyl windows will never need to be scraped, painted, stained or otherwise maintained in ways that other windows need to be. When you choose high quality vinyl replacement windows like ours, they will stand up to the test of time. You’ll enjoy windows that won’t fade and will look great for years to come.

Learn To Spot Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows:

Vinyl replacement windows have become very popular because they look great, offer top energy efficiency and are 100% maintenance free. But when looking for replacement windows it is critical to be aware that there is a great difference in the quality of vinyl windows. While they may at first look completely identical, there can be great variations in the quality which will make a big difference in what you experience as a homeowner for the long run.

Every homeowner should always do their homework before purchasing vinyl windows because it is hard to notice this quality just by looking at the windows themselves. There are 3 main areas you’ll want to look at before purchasing them:

  1. the quality of the material
  2. the number of chambers
  3. how the chambers are assembled

A challenge with vinyl as a material is that it can bend easily. It also can be affected by the warmth of the sun and can yellow over time. But by researching your vinyl replacement windows, you can discover the best choice for your family. Some may think they can get great savings buying the cheapest vinyl replacement windows – but in the long run these can actually cost your family a great deal. You may discover you need new vinyl replacement windows in just a few years which defeats the goal of saving on the discounted windows.

Quality of Materials

Many know that vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is made from putting different chemicals, fillers, plasticizes and pigments together. This very same plastic is used in electrical pipes, plumbing pipes and other household items. But the ingredients used to make PVC come in different levels of quality. Manufacturers can use higher or lower quality materials and thus pass on this cost to the consumer. So if you are paying a higher cost for higher quality materials, this is a better manufacturer of vinyl replacement windows than the lower quality materials.

The quality of materials is an important factor in color change. There are 2 ingredients that make PVC remain pure white for years: titanium dioxide (TiO2) and an organic form of tin. TiO2 is a pure white chemical used to tint vinyl white and is used by the paint industry to make pure white paints. TiO2 is expensive but must be used in specific minimum amounts to produce high quality vinyl for replacement windows. If it is a non-chalking grade, these vinyl windows will begin to “dust” after just a few years.

You can spot a lacking in TiO2 in your new windows but this is difficult. If vinyl window manufacturers don’t use high quality ingredients, often their product is tinted with a light blue color that “buys” them some time before that window will start to turn yellow. Avoid vinyl replacements that come in a polar blue shade instead of a pure bright white. While this can be difficult to spot, ask for a sample of the actual vinyl material to bring to another replacement window showroom. Then compare the most expensive ones to your sample. This may show some dramatic differences. Be aware: some high quality vinyl replacement window manufacturers purposely tint their vinyl with blue because people simply find this attractive. You can also check for a certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) on the frame of the window.

The Number of Chambers

As you are shopping for vinyl replacement windows, ask for a cross section of the frame material. You’ll notice that there are various sized chambers and a different amount of chambers within each cross section of the replacement window frame. The highest number of chambers equals the highest quality of replacement window. The number of chambers in the replacement window frame is important because this shows the strength of the actual window frame.

Heat can make vinyl soft and this can make your window lose its proper form. So if your window faces strong sunlight, know that this sunlight can soften the vinyl. Combined with the pressure of the glass on the vinyl which makes it sag. Your replacement window can then harden in this deformed state. A high quality vinyl replacement window has frames and sashes that are specially engineered to withstand the sun’s heat which may cause deformation. Your high quality replacement window will also have sashes and frames with extra chambers at stress points, which are generally shaded, remain cooler and are not effected by heat in the same way. High quality replacement window frames can have up to 15 different chambers.

Assembly of Vinyl Replacement Windows

There are 2 ways that vinyl replacement windows are assembled. They are either mechanically fastened or heat welded. Mechanically fastened replacement windows use screws, brackets and caulk to hold the individual pieces together. While this method does work, everything must be done perfectly in each step of your window replacement project. Remember that the caulk itself may not last the entire life of your replacement window. If the new window is dropped, twisted or racked during shipment or installation the caulked seams could break and develop leaks. If a screw in your replacement window is over-tightened it can also strip the vinyl.

A heat welded replacement window utilized the chemistry of the PVC and creates a single piece of vinyl instead of having many moving parts. There are advantages and also disadvantages to using heat welded options for your windows. Welded corners on frames and sashes overall seem to look better. But a welded replacement window will sometimes have drainage chambers that are hidden. These can permit rain water to drain to the exterior. Sometimes there is difficulty blocking air movement in these channels and small amounts of air can drift into your home – causing cold or hot air to make your family uncomfortable. The strength of the connection between each individual piece may be stronger. Leaks at the corners rarely exist if ever. You can avoid leakage in your replacement option by checking on the strength of your welded connection. The strength is a function of how much PVC is touching one piece to another and is measured in square inches. The number of chambers is important and so is the assembly for your vinyl replacement window. The homeowner wants the highest number of chambers in their replacement window. The more chambers in either the sash or frame mean that the more PVC is available for the welding process, so there is more surface area to connect and diminish the possibilities of leaks. When getting quotes on replacement windows, always ask how many square inches of PVC are in contact with each other. The higher the amount, the better.

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